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Bohemian Cemetery

Engraving fee for columbarium niche door is $300 per engraving order.  Engraving is optional.

Columbarium Niche Engraving

Engraving fee for plaque on Memorial Pillar is $200.

Burial in cemetery is not required.

Memorial Pillar

Scattering of cremated remains in the Scattering Garden is $300 per event.

Scattering Garden

All fees must be paid in advance.  Additional charges may be incurred for Saturday burials.

Cash & Checks are accepted.


Niches will hold two urns.

Second urn is $250.  Additional niche opening/closing is $250.

Customer must ensure urns fit.

Niche Opening/Closing

Fees for traditional burial start at $900

Fees for burial of cremation ashes in graves start at $700

Grave Opening/Closing

We offer a selection of affordable, quality burial options including family lots, single graves and a baby section.  Columbarium niches and a scattering garden for cremation remains are also available.

Services Available


Crest View                   $1200

Other Sections             $1000

Traditional Graves

Infant burials in Babyland begin at $500 - includes grave purchase and opening/closing fees.


Niches range from $800-$1200. Purchase of a niche includes opening/closing and placement of one urn.


Please contact us for additional services, options, fees, complete details, and current information.

Information is subject to change without notice.