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Bohemian Cemetery


The Bohemian Cemetery Association manages and operates the cemetery under by-laws and additional rules and regulations as may be, from time to time, amended or otherwise revised and approved.  Association membership is automatic with ownership or purchase of a grave, niche, scattering, or memorial plague.  The annual meeting of the association is usually held in May each year.  Other meetings may be held as required.  Officers are elected at the annual meeting and serve a term of one year.  The annual meeting is public and open to all members and other interested parties.  Announcement of the meeting place and time will be placed in the local newspaper at least twice (usually once each week) before the meeting.  Active participation by members is welcome and strongly encouraged. Day-to-day operations are under the direction of the Resident Caretaker.

An Early History of the Bohemian Cemetery

The Bohemian National cemetery, situated at 54th and Center streets, was incorporated April 25, 1883, by the following members: Vaclav Jablecnik, Vaclav Vancura, Frank Kaspar, F.R. Chrastil, John Rosicky, Joseph Klofat, J.J. Smrz, Frank Jelen, Joseph Kavan, Frank Pivonka, Vaclav Fiala, John Svacina, Fr. Pycha, Frank Salda and V.L. Vodicka.  Ten acres were bought for $800.00. For a long time this cemetery remained in a not very improved condition, for lots were sold at first at $10.00 apiece, consequently there were no funds for betterment.  Of late, however, notable improvements were instituted, so that with the flowers and trees and many beautiful monuments, the cemetery is attractive. In 1924 a brick building was erected, the front part being used for a waiting room and columbarium for urns, the rear for the caretaker's home. Sewer and grading work also was done, all costing $7,214.31. In 1925 further improvements were made, fence, piers, walks, enlarged driveway and installation of a city water system. It is in this cemetery that the public monument, dedicated to John Rosicky, was erected by his friends and admirers, mostly members of the Western Bohemian Fraternal Association.  It is of granite, surmounted by his bust in bronze.

The above history is an excerpt from: A HISTORY OF CZECHS (BOHEMIANS) IN NEBRASKA, Compiled by Rose Rosicky, Czech Historical Society of Nebraska, Omaha, 1929

The entire book is available online at:  www.usgennet.org/usa/ne/topic/ethnic/czechs/czechs.html